Doctoral thesis

What is the doctoral thesis?

The doctoral thesis is the final work of every doctoral student and after its successful defense the student gets the Ph.D. title that is written after the name. The abbreviation comes from the Latin "philosophiæ doctor". The dissertation should reveal a progressive perspective, come up with something new and original in the field of Regional Economics, complement basic knowledge and offer a better interpretation of already known facts. The doctoral thesis should be able to compete in international settings, and above all, to advance knowledge in the field. 

While conducting the doctoral thesis, PhD students should demonstrate that they are able to properly use scientific methods and carry out original and independent research as well as show having excellent theoretical knowledge and overall insight into the research of others experts from the field. Doctoral students will also present what they've achieved during the defense of their dissertation. Your should therefore prove that after graduation you are capable doing independent scientific work and presenting as well as publishing the results.

Do not forget that some of the facts we learn today are discovered by PhD students in their doctoral theses. So, even you can go down in history.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela